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ZhuZhou ChenXin Induction Equipment Co.,Ltd, founded in June 2006, is a scientific and technological enterprises relying on semiconductor converting technology. The company locates in Xiangneng industrial park Hongqi Road, Shifeng, ZhuZhou, Hunan where the transportation is convenient, closing to the ZhuZhou Railway Station, only 2 hours away from Guangzhou and 4 hours form HongKong. We has always been committed to the manufacture of various industrial furnace products, which have won several provincial technological progress awards and patent certificate. The products have been exported to Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Sayria, South Africa, USA and other countries as well as more than 20 domestic provinces and cities.
The company is mainly specializing in high temperature graphitization furnace, carbonization furnace, melting furnace, sintering furnace, and high-frequency induction heating equipment, industrial control equipment. Moreover we also engaged in the R & D, manufacturing, marketing of related technical services of non-metallic , composite materials, C / C composite materials. The main product is  graphite, carbon fiber cloth, carbon rope,carbon fiber felt,high-conductivity film.
The products are widely used in varies of processing and manufacturing industry ,such as aerospace, transportation, machinery, metallurgy, military equipment, rail transportation etc. We will continue the Enterprise Spirit "economize on resources and Innovating Ceaselessly". As the equipment and product with advanced & unique technical service and high quality, the company has won a good reputation at home and abroad. Besides the company has a strong mechanical and electrical design and manufacturing strength, good economic environmental ,perfect service facilities to establish a perfect network of product sales and technical service,especially the background of technical experts coming from the defense conversion enterprises.
The company has provide with various classic technology and product application solutions. Now we are in continuous expansion and extension in the technology and product application fields.
welcome to Zhuzhou Chenxin Induction Co., LTD with guidance and negotiation of business.
We always provide you innovative design, exquisite technology ,efficient production, higher quality products.


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