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High-temperature Carbonization Furnace

carbon felt high temperature carbonization furnace

CX-TH series carbon felt high temperature carbonization furnace
Application: CX-TH series carbon felt high temperature carbonization furnace  is the key equipment to produce high performance heat conductive film with single front door or with two doors at front and back. The PI film will have excellent resistance structure and density after carbonization by this equipment. The furnace featured by continuous vacuum carbonization process can be realized; Equipped with coke removal system to strengthen the effect of coke removal;The atmosphere in the furnace is more stable and the product quality is easy to control; And prolong the service life of carbon felts and heating materials.
* Adopt the multi zone independent temperature control, good temperature uniformity;
* Optional external circulation cooling system, single furnace production cycle is short;
*Positive pressure or negative pressure carbonization process can be realized;
* Effective treatment of tar, dust and exhaust gas produced by carbonization process.
* Achieve zero fault; Fully automatic control design; Touch screens visually display various operating parameters and data; Complete alarm and locking down protection device; Full automatic control of water and electricity; All these make it easily and simply operated.
* The power supply cabinet is fully sealed, and cabinet built in with water cooling and air cooling radiator, so no heat exchange with the outside air. The cabinet is featured by advanced temperature control system, imported digital intelligent temperature control table with digital display, data communication with PLC can be achieved, and automatically complete the temperature control process with high-precision. It accepts full Chinese&English temperature input control, makes you free from cumbersome instrument temperature curve input. The system can be heated up to a given temperature curve, and can store twenty heating curves with up to 400 sections.

* The furnace is cooled by closed circulating pure water cooling system monitored by a digital flow monitoring system. Each water is monitored and protected by a flow meter.


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