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Advanced composite materials

composite hard felt

Graphite hard composite felt is based on the PAN matrix material that after over 2200 C degrees of high temperature graphitization treatment, and then through the special adhesive compound and carbonization treatment. It has a certain rigidity, self support, the proportion of small, low thermal conductivity, no fiber shedding, operating temperature can reach 3200 C degrees. It is suitable for high pressure gas quenching furnace, pressure sintering furnace, multi crystal casting furnace, single crystal growth furnace (sapphire), etc. It can be provided in flat, disc, cylinder and other shapes, has long life-time, and easy to install and remove. The most important characteristic is: high processing temperature, high purity (<200ppm), specially adapts to the high temperature furnace which needs to the extremely furnace body atmosphere.

Technical Specifications:

Volume weight (g/cm3)


Thermal conductiveity(w/m.k)

1500   0 .15

2000   0 .25

specific heat (J/g.k)


Tensile strength (M/Pa)

30mm thickness 0.4

Bending srangthe (M/Pa)

30mm thickness0.7

Carbon content (w%)


ash content (w%)


Max operating temperature

In air300

In vacuum1800

protective atmosphere2800

Packing: wooden or cardboard boxes
Pay attention: When the temperature exceeds 300 , Must be at or under an inert gas in a vacuum use, transport,
storage can not pressure, need moisture.It can be cut into any required geometric shape, Cutting required to wear
protective clothing


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