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Carbon Fiber Felt

Carbon Fiber Felt
Our carbon and graphite felts provide a slew of benefits for heat insulation and high-temperature furnaces:
Consistent and effective insulation
Furnace heats up and cools down faster
Fewer fiber particles in the furnace atmosphere
Shorter evacuation times
Easy handling, even with large textures
Simpler maintenance
The materials low heat conductivity allows even thin layers of rigid felt to achieve good insulation results, and rigid graphite felt neither shrinks nor contracts under ordinary operating conditions. This means that it will not form any cavities, channels, or hot spots, and its insulation remains consistent all the way through. Our portfolio includes rigid felt insulation panels and cylinders.
The rigid felt insulation has low mass and low heat capacity thanks to its low density. This allows the furnace to heat up and cool down faster. Moreover, its low specific surface area minimizes adsorption of gases, vapors, and moisture, providing for short evacuation times in vacuum furnaces.
Our flexible soft carbon and graphite felt is indispensable when it comes to meeting maximum requirements for insulation properties. The products feature very low thermal conductivity thanks to our special manufacturing processes. This makes them ideal for insulating resistance and induction heated vacuum furnaces and furnaces with inert gas atmosphere.The carbon fiber felt produced by our factory is specially used in fields of heat insulation and fire resistance and is characterized by high heat-resistance temperature, high heat insulation, easy tailoring, high quality, low price, etc. Based on thickness, the hard felt  20mm30mm40mm50mm60mm  has many specifications, and materials such as graphite films, graphite cloth, C/C and SiC can be covered on the surface of the felt. The product is mainly used as heat insulating and fire resistant materials of high-temperature furnaces such as single-crystal furnace, carbonization furnace, quartz furnace, vacuum furnace, induction furnace, high-frequency furnace, heat balance reaction furnace, heat treatment furnace, sintering furnace, welding furnace and pressure furnace.
1Technical Indexes
Volume Density(g/cm3): 0.25-0.3
Tensile strength deformation(Mpa):    2.5 (Deformation 5%)
Heat Conductivity Coefficient(W/m.k): 0.15-0.25(25) 0.40-0.45(1400)
Electrical Resistivity( 0.18-0.22
Carbon Content(%): 99.4
Ash Content (%): 0.5
Moisture Absorption Rate(%): 1.6
Purification Grade: 99.3
Processing Temperature(): 1450-2000
Plate :1500*1800(Max)    Thickness20-200mm
Tube : 1500*2000(Max)   Thickness20-150mm
Square Tube: 1500*1500*2000(Max)    Thickness60-120mm
Applicable Temperature Range(): 1,250-2,600
Graphite Felt
The carbon felt is processed at the temperature of above 2,000 into the graphite felt. In the high-temperature treatment, the temperature difference between any two points of the felt body is not more than 50, so all performance indexes of the product are quite stable. So far, the product is the best materials in this industry and has been used by many factories, and our factory has established a long-term cooperative relationship with a lot of customers. The graphite soft felt is divided into PAN-based graphite felt and viscose-based felt, and its characteristics indexes are as follows:
Detection Value
0.11 ~0.18g/cm3
Viscose Base
0.10~0.20 g/cm3
Ash Content
Viscose Base
Heat Conductivity
0.45 Wm-1k-1
Viscose Base
0.40 Wm-1k-1
Electrical Resistivity
1.60 2.00 10-3m
Viscose Base

Application of Graphite Felt:
1Aerospace Industry: HIP (hot isostatic press) furnace, heat treatment, sintering, soldering, hot-pressing furnace
2Semiconductor Industry: silicon-drawing single-crystal furnace, furnace for gallium and arsenic products
3Metal Heat Treatment: heat treatment furnace, sintering furnace, brazing furnace
4Carbon Fiber Production: induction heating or resistance furnace, graphitization furnace
5Composite Material Production: pyrolytic carbon and pyrolytic graphite chemical vapor deposition or composite materials made of other materials
6Energy Material: vanadium or other materials used for redox cells, specification
•   ThicknessRange3~10mm
•   Breadth< 53
•   Length < 20 Code
•   Continuous Temperature 1800~2500


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