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Advanced composite materials

Carbon Paper

Application: The carbon Paper with pretreatment gas diffusion layer can be used for Fuel Batteries, electric conducting materials, etc. 
Brand: HY - C60 
Performance: High Air Permeability, excellent electrical conductivity, good Hydrophobicity. 
Max. Size: 500mm 500mm250mm 250mm; the size can be adjust according to your requirement.
Thickness0.5mm 0.02
Air Penetrability 20.0 mm Aq/mm
lStorage: fragile, handle with care, no bending, no press, keep away from light and moisture, keep in normal temperature
The coiled carbon paper (GDS&GDL series) is a newly researched and developed production and applicable for continuous MEA production and completely in accordance with commercial standards; and in order to be distinguished from current N series products, the newly developed gas diffusion layer product gives brand,whose width is 400mm , length 50~100 meter.
Gas Diffusion Layer Property


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