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Advanced composite materials

Hard carbon felt

The product is based on the PAN based carbon felt as the base material, and is formed by carbonization treatment together with the special adhesive. It has a certain rigidity, self support, the proportion of small, low thermal conductivity, no fiber shedding, operating temperature can reach 2000 C degrees. It is suitable for high pressure gas quenching furnace, pressure sintering furnace, silicon carbide recrystallization furnace and other types of furnace. It can be provided in flat, disc, cylinder and other shapes, has long life-time, and easy to install and remove.
At present, it is an ideal heat insulating material for vacuum furnace industry in China. In order to prevent pilling, this product can be surface treated by special coating, such as graphite paste paper, graphite sheet, graphite cloth, etc..

Max Operating Temperature

When the temperature exceeds 400 degrees Celsius, it must be used under the vacuum or inert gas atmosphere; cannot be pressed during transport and storage and moisture is required. Can be cut into any shape as needed.


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